Pro Loco of Scarperia organizes educational workshops that allow you to get to know the history and traditions of the country up close. Through the rooms of the museum complex of the Palazzo dei Vicari and the Museo dei Ferri Taglienti, it offers a series of activities aimed at schools, summer camps and families with children who intend to experience the museum with a more shared and active approach, with the possibility of choose between a medieval path and a path on metals.

In the first case, attention is paid to the history of medieval cities, paying attention to urban and domestic furnishings, religious life, measuring time. The rooms of the fourteenth-century Palazzo dei Vicari (torture room, prisons, lodge of justice, archive, etc.) and the village of Scarperia will be discovered through a sort of stimulating and reflectivetreasure hunt“. You can also choose routes linked to the Pre-historic Historical Archive, through the search for some strings, trying to understand how cataloging takes place, what is meant by the state of conservation, and manipulating, with special latex gloves, deteriorated and restored strands.

For those who choose the path on metals, the laboratory starts in the environments of the Museo dei Ferri Taglienti with the vision of a cartoon designed specifically to make known the history of Scarperia knives. During the activity the pupils will learn to recognize the structure of some types of knife, also by trying to reproduce them through drawing or other technique. Moving then to the Antica Bottega del Coltellinaio in Via Solferino, we will proceed to the knowledge and experimentation of metalworking, with the experience of a master knife maker who will illustrate the ancient art of metal forging.

  • All activities are by reservation
  • Cost € 5.00 per person (discounts for schools in Scarperia and San Piero), maximum of two classes at a time; free entry for teachers
  • In the case of family visits, min. 10 participants
  • Preliminary class meetings with educational operators on request
  • Duration of the workshops: about 2 hours
  • You can consult the details of the individual laboratory sheets on the Museo dei Ferri Taglienti website section “Didactics”
  • During the workshops it is possible to provide a “snack break” on request to be made with snacks brought from home to the atrium, courtyard or under the loggias of the building (season permitting)
  • The museum complex is not far (2 km) from the “La Pineta” park, a green equipped area where you can have a packed lunch

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